Bale Handler
  • Bale Handler

    This is not a toy 
    This is a very popular model, It is made from brass aluminum and steel wire.  
    An etching is used to make the flat sheet that is bent around the front section, square brass tube is used to make the frame at the back and the two legs that support the tines, 
    round brass tubing is used to make the pipe and a small cut off of a brass rod to close the hole at the end. Aluminum tubes are used to make the rams, They are cut and drilled to make the holes to attach them to the top of the legs. Steel wier is cut to size and then filed down to shape to make the tines.  It is all put together by making numerous jigs to support the bars, tubes and rods for soldering.    Once the model is made it is put on a specially made rack for spraying, an etch primer is used followed by the final top coat (your desired color)  Once the paint is dry the stickers are placed on.
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      They will fit the :

      JCB farmmaster’s
      JCB TM310
      VALTRA c120 front loader
      Siku & Wiking loaders
      They can fit most other types of loader with some modifications,


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