O.C.E 14ft Silage Fork
  • O.C.E 14ft Silage Fork

    O’Conner Engineering price the PayPal charge.
    We have made some significant updates to this model and it is now double the weight it was and is much stronger. Unfortunately this means it must go up in price as it cost more to produce.
    We can now offer a fitting for the AT-collects Volvo L60H as well as the Britain’s JCB’s
    This is a very complex model to make from the beginning designing, making and spraying! It is almost made the same as the real one with the way the sheets are folded together. The square Hardox tines are now cut from 2mm brass sheets with a Lazer cutter and now have the new shape teeth with ware plate , the rest is mostly brass etchings folded and square brass tube cut to size. The rams are round aluminium tube.  It is all put together by making numerous jigs to support the bars, tubes and rods for soldering.   Once the model is made it is put on a specially made rack for spraying, a yellow etch primer is used followed by the final top coat or JCB yellow or (your desired colour) Once the paint is dry the stickers are put on.
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      They will fit the :

      JCB farmmaster’s
      They can fit most other types of loader with some modifications,


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